Report an incident
Report an incident

Vulnerability in lua-http library
05 September 2023 | CERT Polska | #vulnerability, #warning, #cve
CVE ID CVE-2023-4540
Publication date 05 September 2023
Vendor Daurnimator
Product lua-http
Vulnerable versions All including 0.4 before ddab283 commit
Vulnerability type (CWE) Improper Handling of Exceptional Conditions (CWE-755)
Report source Report to CERT Polska


CERT Polska has received a report about vulnerability in the lua-http library and participated in its coordination. The vulnerability allows a denial of service (DoS) attack to be executed by sending a properly crafted request to the server. The vulnerability has been confirmed by the vendor and fixed. Vulnerable are all versions, including 0.4 before commit ddab283. The vulnerability has been assigned the number CVE-2023-4540.


We thank Artur Łącki for the responsible vulnerability report.

More about the coordinated vulnerability disclosure process at CERT Polska can be found at