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Report an incident

Vulnerability in Ant Media Server software
CVE ID CVE-2024-3462
Publication date 13 May 2024
Vendor Ant Media
Product Ant Media Server Community Edition
Vulnerable versions all through 2.9.0
Vulnerability type (CWE) Incorrect Authorization (CWE-863)
Report source Report to CERT Polska


CERT Polska has received a report about vulnerability in Ant Media Server Community Edition software and participated in coordination of its disclosure.

Ant Media Server Community Edition in a default configuration is vulnerable to an improper HTTP header based authorization, leading to a possible use of non-administrative API calls reserved only for authorized users. The vulnerability has been assigned the CVE-2024-3462 identifier. All versions up to 2.9.0 (tested) and possibly newer ones are believed to be vulnerable as the vendor has not confirmed releasing a patch.


We thank Maksym Brzęczek ( for the responsible vulnerability report.

More about the coordinated vulnerability disclosure process at CERT Polska can be found at