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Server-side n6 code released as open-source
29 December 2014 | CERT Polska


oday we released an important part of the n6 platform on an open source licence (GPL). The released library implements the REST API provided by the new version of n6 and it comes with mechanisms that facilitate fetching information from databases of any type. We hope that the project will reduce the technical barriers for sharing security information and will encourage more organizations to exchange data that can be useful for mitigation of threats.

n6 platform

n6 is a system created by CERT Polska for collection, management and distribution of security-related information. We use the platform to deliver free threat data feeds (including information on infected machines, drive-by websites, and many more types) to over two hundred organizations in Poland. More information about n6 in English is available on our website:

n6sdk library

The part of n6 that was released as open source is a Python library – n6sdk – that allows to integrate a data source (e.g., an SQL database) with an n6-compatible REST API for the purpose of distribution of information to authenticated recipients.

The source code of n6sdk and more information about the project is available on GitHub:

Technical documentation and a tutorial is available under the following URL: