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Newest addition to a happy family: KBOT
17 May 2016 | mak | #analysis, #malware, #kbot

At the beginning of the May here in Poland we have couple of free days. 3rd May is Constitution Day, and May 1st is Labour Day. Most of us use those days to unwind after winter, but some malware authors apparently didn’t: a few weeks ago, our friends started a new campaign, spreading some poorly obfuscated Javascript and quite an interesting modification of KBOT from the Carberp leak.

Spam run

If you want to stay trendy, you have to follow the trendsetters and the in malware world these days, these apparently are the Dridex and Locky gang. Since they moved to spreading JavaScript’s instead of .doc/.docm/.pdf.exe, the rest of the world has followed.

The first payload is a Javascript dropper, and it doesn’t do anything except download the second stage in a loop. The obfuscation used here is interesting but trivial to break.

I came up with this nifty one liner ;]

cat Zamowienie.js | python2 -c 'import re,sys;print re.sub(r"\\u00([a-f0-9]{2})",lambda x: chr(int(,16)),' | sed -e "s/;/;\n/g" | sed -e "s/{[a-z0-9]\+:\('.'\)}\.[a-z0-9]\+/\1/g" | sed -e"s/'+'//g"

And voila!

Second Stage, Malware

As mentioned above, this a KBOT spin off, and it looks like it’s actively being developed and tested in production. First version ate my whole RAM and keeps crashing, rebooting my system. However, it improved recently, and right now after a few iterations is much more stable.

KBOT originally was a very simple user-mode downloader, core of old ursnif/gozi2/isfb is my guess. This malware has much more to offer tho.

Things that changed:

    • Tor support, yet no Tor found on machine.
    • Removed get parameters in favour of json-encoded post data.
    • Much more complicated encryption schema (not fully reversed yet)
    • Addition of mongoose http server (why is it there?)

There are probably more changes, but I did only a preliminary analysis of this malware.

What didn’t change is how they store configuration data. Or maybe a just a little bit – they added a big header in front `BASECONFIG……` 😉

After that we can find typical FJ-struct,

 00000000 fj_struct struc ; (sizeof=0x14, mappedto_188)
 00000000 id dw ?
 00000002 field_2 dw ?
 00000004 offset dd ?
 00000008 size dd ?
 0000000C crc_tag dd ?
 00000010 flags dd ?
 00000014 fj_struct ends

And config with crc_tag == 0xefc75d60 is stored in plain text at the beginning of .reloc section

 "TaskPeriod": 600,
 "FailPeriod": 600,
 "BotCommunity": "group_102",

Current version is, 16777472 which I suppose can be transformed to so its brand new 😉

From other notes, it looks like it’s protected by Rovnix, there is some code to accessing hidden partitions, but it can be just leftovers from original KBOT source code, since I didn’t see any Rovnix related code.
Oh and this the first malware I have seen implementing proper hmac for messages, bravo!

This is just a heads-up article to inform you that there is a new interesting threat. I’m still working on reversing it, so further analysis will follow (hopefully ;))

One last thing as a side note, it is quite interesting to see that ISFB, the most spread banker in .pl is being replaced with something that has roots in the same Carberp leak. I’m very curious to see which one will win the market 😉

Here are some hashes and yara rule for the unpacked sample