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Report an incident

Vulnerability in Kofax Capture software
11 January 2024 | CERT Polska | #vulnerability, #warning, #cve
CVE ID CVE-2023-5118
Publication date 11 January 2024
Vendor Kofax
Product Capture
Vulnerable versions through 11.0.0
Vulnerability type (CWE) Stored XSS (CWE-79)
Report source Report to CERT Polska


CERT Polska has received a report about a vulnerability in Kofax Capture software and participated in coordination of its disclosure. The application is vulnerable to Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in the endpoint /sofer/DocumentService.asc/SaveAnnotation, where input data transmitted via the POST method in the parameters author and text are not adequately sanitized and validated. This allows for the injection of malicious JavaScript code. The vulnerability was identified in the function for adding new annotations while editing document content. The weakness has been assigned the number CVE-2023-5118.

We were unable to contact the software manufacturer to confirm the extent of the affected versions. We have received information from reporters that the vulnerability has been removed in software versions above 11.1.x. Previous versions may also be vulnerable, but this has not been confirmed.


We thank Dawid Małecki and Sławomir Zakrzewski from the AFINE team for the responsible vulnerability report.

More about the coordinated vulnerability disclosure process at CERT Polska can be found at